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Island Hopping in Croatia: Piskera

Blogger: Stephanie Lynch

Stop number three while island hopping in Croatia with Sail Aweigh was Piskera. As you all know, we experienced many QT gems and this was one of our favourites in Croatia. I think my favourite sunset during our adventures in Croatia was in this spot.  Piskera is a small uninhabited island in the Croatian part of the Adriatic Sea, with the few houses only occupied in the summer months by fishermen.

(Sailors information: Marina Piskera is sheltered from the worst of the winds by the offshore island Panitula Vela).

Piskera has a unique beauty that draws people to it, returning time and again. The island is mostly rocky and covered with only a thin layer of grass. In the past, the islands were forested but the trees were destroyed by fires started by shepherds to increase grazing for their animals. We enjoyed a small walk on the paths along the coast, followed by a lovely meal in the restaurant. As you pull into the marina, you are given a time for dinner. One restaurant in this gem, you go at the time given by the local owner and trust us, it is almost as good as the sunset.

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