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Island hopping in Croatia: Sali

Blogger: Stephanie Lynch

Our fourth stop while island hopping in Croatia with Sail Aweigh was Sali. A small village extended between two bays that lodge the harbour and the beaches. Sali was a small village which consisted of 2-3 pubs and restaurants, a shop, walks and was a popular spot for sailing boats to pull in for the night. You were able to walk from one side of the town to the other within 10 minutes and all around Sali gave you the opportunity to explore and discover – what more could you want? As the sun set and the night fell, the colourful lights glistened and reflected against the waterfront. The perfect setting for a perfect night. 

As soon as we arrived we went for a little swim in the turquoise waters to cool off,  followed by a walk around the cliff head. This was one of the nicest walks we did in Croatia. A walk right around the edge of the cliff as you looked out to see miles and miles of turquoise waters, sailing boats and explorers. Spotted all along the edge of the walk were little areas where the locals relaxed and lay out in the afternoons. You could also see locals swimming right around the edge with you as you walked around. A perfect spot for some R&R and for a lengthy swim. 

The perfect spot to relax after a days sailing. We found a unique, colourful, quaint cocktail bar where we chatted and laughed for hours, drinking cocktails on the waterfront. Following a delicious pizza, we enjoyed a entertaining street show and sat with the locals to enjoy the performance. A destination away from the tourist spots where you really get a feel for the spot – a perfect QT location. 

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