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Galgorm Wood

Blogger: Stephanie Lynch

Have you ever wanted to go for a walk and just couldn’t quite decide where to go?! A few weeks ago, Ontheqt we took a trip to Galgorm Wood in Antrim and we highly recommend it! Galgorm Wood is one of The Woodland Trust’s ‘Woods On Your Doorstep’ woodlands, created to commemorate the Millennium. A mature woodland, the Trust has improved the site by increasing public access and restoring old pond habitats.

As with most forest walks, there were many different paths to choose from… We strolled along the paths which were open and windy, sprinkled with autumn leaves, admiring the spectacular views. We all remember the Sunday autumn drives to the woods. The smell of the trees, fresh air and the sense of adventure that was buckled up inside us. The sound of the leaves crunching under your feet. The custard yellow, fresh orange, fall leaves falling from the trees. The beautiful woodlands, wildlife and the gentle breeze whistling softly through the trees. Galgorm Wood had it all and even some added extras with the  ponds, waterfalls, country fields and even the friendly donkeys.

We walked slowly through the forest trails with the crunching leaves at our feet, the fresh air and chirps from the wildlife are all around. What more could you want? The perfect Sunday walk and adventure.

Enjoy 🙂 

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