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Lido Beach

Blogger: Stephanie Lynch

Sometimes when on holidays, you like to find the gems! The places the locals enjoy and spend their days off…they are  places you stumble upon and  go back to time and time again throughout your holiday. For us, Lido Beach was one of these. The white sandy beach caught our eyes and on a very hot day. It won us over so we decided to cool off with a swim at this local spot.

Lido beach which was very quiet, compared to Siesta Key Beach. We loved it! We parked the car and walked over a little bridge and arrived in a little piece of heaven. A beautiful swim in the turquoise waters(I have never swam in water so warm in my life, the water is just like walking into a bath… you could spend hours and hours swimming in it). This beach truly is a local gem. The perfect spot to sit with a book, relax, go for a swim or even enjoy the sunshine and spectacular views. The perfect spot to watch the world go by.

We then drove up to South Lido beach and park which would be a great spot if you had kids. You walk through the woods and playground to the beach. No waves are on this end of the beach so it’s perfect for little kids to swim. Lots of picnic areas and even BBQ areas to enjoy a family BBQ after a day at the beach.

The beach is only up the road from St. Armands Circle and is the perfect spot to head to after a day at the beach. A hug of shopping and dining. A great way to end the day. We stopped off at St. Armands circle for a walk and a little bit of shopping in their unique boutiques. We couldn’t leave without a delicious ice-cream in Kilwins. Kilwins is a homemade chocolate, fudge and ice-cream shop which drew us in with the delicious smells.

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