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Florida – Day 9

Blogger: Stephanie Lynch

Our last few days in Florida so we are making the most of it. Today began, like most mornings with an early morning walk/run(only time it’s cool enough to exercise in the heat) and a refreshing swim. We then went on a road trip to Naples but we never got there as we stumbled upon such an amazing gem on route called Venice beach. Sometimes it’s those gems you stumble upon that you remember the most and Venice is certainly a gem we will never forget.

While driving throughout Venice, we stumbled upon an amazing hidden beach (instead of going straight to Venice beach we took a left when you see the signs for beaches) and we found such an amazing beach. So peaceful and relaxing. We spent hours in the water, it honestly is like walking into a warm bath.

It got very hot for us(we are Irish after all) so we decided to get an early dinner at the ‘Crows Nest’ which is on the South Jetty in Venice. What a beautiful meal of seafood we had. We enjoyed fresh tuna and shrimp and it was just beautiful. Nothing beats enjoying fish and good food after a swim in the sea.

We  then went up to Venice beach for another swim before exploring Venice beach pier as the sun was setting. It was so relaxing to watch people fishing and enjoying the evening sunshine. I honestly think it’s the nicest part of the day here(the perfect time to go to the beach is 6pm for a swim before the sun sets… plus less likely to burn). The beaches surrounding Venice are truly a hidden gem.

Over and out for now from Florida,


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