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Florida – Day 10

Blogger: Stephanie Lynch

Another beautiful day in sunny Florida began we our early morning walk and refreshing swim. Today we went up towards Orlando again. There has been a lot of media about Sea World and I wanted to see for myself the place and the treatment of the animals. I always think it’s best to see for yourself and form your own opinion.

I enjoyed the day at Sea World and I was pleasantly surprised with the condition of the animals. It seems to be moving away from just animals with the introduction of rides, tours, tropical gardens and shows with people performances. I can see it turning into more of a theme park in years to come. The introduction of shows with cats and dogs who were rescued from shelters around the USA was also a good move in the right direction for Sea World. The first thing we did was go on the Tower which took us up 100 of meters into the air and we got a full view of the complex and surrounding area from a height. It was amazing.

Although I was happy to see close to 20,000 animals being rescued at Sea World, I also believe once rescued and given the right treatments, they should be left back into the wild. One thing I did notice was a few animals who were rescued with injuries and it was nice to see those animals given a home who mightn’t have survived in the wild.

It was a good day overall, in reality I would like to see many of the animals sent back into the wild within a short space of time after being rescued but I am not an expert in this area. I dont know would they survive if they were put back into the wild. On the plus side, Sea World is creating 1000s of jobs and rescuing many animals.

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