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Florida – Day 11

Blogger: Stephanie Lynch

Today began with our morning walk and swim(we are really going to miss this pool when we move to our next location!). We spent the morning working in our Florida office(aka by the pool!) and we then went on a adventure to St. Petersburg. It is about a 50 minute drive from our house.

After a quick stop in Dunkin’ Donuts(It had to be done!!), we stumbled upon a beautiful beach called ‘Madeira Beach’.

We had left it to late afternoon to go to the beach as it was so hot. It’s always nice to go to the beach around 6pm for the evening sun, followed by the sunset. We spent hours upon hours in the water… it almost feels like walking into a warm bath!

Nothing beats swimming as the sun is setting… I love Florida sunsets so much.

We finished our day with a sunset which turned out to be one of the nicest sunsets we have seen so far. We were getting a little peckish then so we decided to ask two friendly locals where to go for a nice meal. We had a lovely chat with them and they recommended Salt Rock Grill which is one the best meal we have had so far. It is true… the best tips always come from the locals. We really enjoyed our meal at Salt Rock Grill. We ordered steak, lobster and crab and each was a delicious as the next. Nothing beats a delicious meal after a day at the seaside.

A perfect day of sunshine, seaside and food.

Over and Out from Florida for now,


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