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Beunas Migas, Barcelona!

There’s is something I love about eating out for breakfast… perhaps its because I don’t often get the opportunity to do so! Whilst in Barcelona, we found an abundance of delicious cafes, bakeries and patisseries! Buenas Migas was one that was particularly beautiful.. and has stood out in my memory!



Located opposite the infamous La Sagrada Familia, if I’m honest we were expecting something a little touristy, and over priced when we walked in the door of this café…. how very wrong we were! The entire place was wooden which I adore, it had beautifully quaint décor, and there was a bunch of fresh flowers on every table!

When the friendly waitress came over, she explained the menu to us (as our Spanish hadn’t quite improved yet!) She was only delighted to recommend a few of her personal favourites on the menu!

There was a wide selection of pasteries, tartlets, sandwiches, fresh fruit, eggs, different breads, oatmeal,  coffees, smoothies, cold pressed juices… everything you could possibly dream of for your breakfast! (We also had a sneak peek at the lunch menu which looked equally delicious!)

There was a lovely relaxed atmosphere in the café… we sat around for a while looking through our photos without anyone rushing us out the door, which I always like to do!

Next time you’re in the La Sagrada Familia area, highly recommend popping in for a cake, a coffee, even your breakfast or lunch! Be sure to tell them we said hello! Enjoy x

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