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Florida – Day 12

Blogger: Stephanie Lynch

Another beautiful morning in Florida. We love the mornings as it is not too hot to get out and about. Once again we started with our morning walk and swim and then a little work at our office(aka the poolside!). We then went on a roadtrip to try to find a nice beach for the afternoon sun.

We stumbled upon a magical place called Little Harbor. We were blown away with the amazing boats in the harbor, the beautiful beach and delicious beach side restaurant. We enjoyed a tasty late lunch at the beach side restaurant. A BBQ chicken sandwich and a few drinks on the beach… what more could you want?

We then plucked up the courage(once the sun had died down a little!! It was HOT!) to venture for a swim on the beach. Although the swim wasn’t as nice as other beaches we had been too as it was a little choppy, we enjoyed the swim and relaxed in the warm water. It was good timing as we stepped out of the water, a thunderstorm hit and we just made it back to the car in time.

It was Saturday night so we went out for some pizza and enjoyed the Florida atmosphere with the Saturday night buzz. Our last Saturday night in Florida 🙁

Over and out from Florida for now,


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  1. So glad you went there! Craig’s mom lives in one of the condos there and the tiki bar is one our FAVORITE places!

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