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Florida – Day 13

Blogger: Stephanie Lynch

We just cant believe that we are here almost two weeks. Where does the time go? We have had some amazing adventures in Florida and it is great to have the blog to look back on and remember what we did each day. After a very busy 2 week(and 4 weeks of adventures ahead of us in the USA and Canada), we decided to take it a little easy today. We woke early and went for our morning walk and relaxing swim… we really are going to miss our morning swims here!! We spent the day relaxing by the pool, catching up on some blogs and having lots of swims to cool down.

We then went out for the afternoon to dinner at the Red Lobster. We had a lovely meal and enjoyed Salmon and Shrimp(we are loving fish here so much as it is so fresh!). We had a lovely relaxing day and we are now ready for the next few busy weeks of adventures ahead of us. We have a few more adventures planned for our last few days so be sure to tune in to see what we get up to.

Over and Out from Florida for now,


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  1. I am so glad you had a great Florida visit! And remember, your family is welcome anytime! taisteal sásta!

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