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Dyne, Killarney

Killarney is one of my favourite places to go on a day trip to… not too near, not too far away, yet an abundance of activities to do there! Although commonly seen as quite a tourist trap town… there are also some very special hidden gems to be found! That is exactly what we stumbled upon on our most recent trip to the Kingdom of Kerry!



Having spent the day cycling around the gorgeous National Park, wandering through the shops and soaking up the atmosphere of the buzzing town… we had build up a ferocious appetite and could barely wait to find somewhere to eat! Most places in the town centre were all booked up as it was a sunny Saturday evening, we began to wonder were we going to find anywhere at all to fill our grumbling bellies! I decided it would be a good idea to ask a local for some advice… he pointed down towards a narrow alleyway and told us there was a beautiful restaurant down there called Dyne, although a little dubious we took the chance anyway!

We were very pleasantly surprised when we walked in the door of this quaint, old- style Italian restaurant. We asked the waitress if she had any open reservations… she must have known how hungry we were as she made room for us immediately (although it was already full to the brim with guests!)

Having read the tasty and very reasonably priced menu, I looked around and admired what a beautiful place we were sitting in! The kitchen was open – (which I always think is a great sign in a restaurant as they obviously have nothing to hide) – I  love to watch them cook up all different types of dishes! The bathrooms were decorated with comic books… it was pretty awesome! However, my favourite element of the restaurant was the old black and white film that was projected onto the large white wash walls for everyone to watch as they ate their meals! What an excellent idea!

Our food arrived quite quickly… it almost melted in my mouth it was so tasty! Washed down with a delicious glass of spiced red wine… it was definitely a meal to remember! I will most certainly return here when I visit Killarney again!

I hope you enjoy your trip to Dyne as much as I did! Bon Apetit x



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