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Day 32 – Granville Island

Blogger: Stephanie Lynch

Day 32 of our big adventure. We woke to our beautiful surroundings in West Vancouver and it was another gorgeous day. Off we went on a adventure to Granville Island. A friend had told ours had told us about this gem so we were really looking forward to exploring it.  Imagine an island in the middle of a city. A place full of history, shops, restaurants and buzzing with a colourful artistic community. As soon as we arrived, I fell in love with it. I loved how it was a spot where locals and visitors come together. You know it’s a great spot when the locals return to it again and again. A place full of waterfront restaurants, theatres, galleries, studios, unique shops, cafes and the most spectacular fresh food market you’ve ever seen.

First thing we did was to explore the public market. This is a must when your in Granville Island. Walking through the market you are met with the delicious smells and displays, along with colourful stalls, showcasing unique homemade products and delicious delights. All fresh from the ocean, the oven or the field.

After spending some time at the market, we decided to drive up the scenic route past Granville. We stopped off at a local beach we stumbled upon and enjoyed a little rest on the beach with views overlooking Vancouver city.

We then decided to go back to Granville Island for dinner and enjoy dinner in the Sandbar restaurant. A local had recommended this restaurant to us. Good food and good views… What more could you want?

Over and out for now from Vancouver,


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