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Dr Sun Yat Zen Chinese Gardens

Blogger: Stephanie Lynch

As you all know, we recently went on a big trip to Vancouver. One of the gems we stumbled upon in the heart of the city was the Chinese Garden – Dr. Sun Yat-Zen Chinese Garden. What an oasis in the middle of the busy city. A place full of colour, relaxation and tranquility. It takes you on a journey back in time to 15th Century China and as you enter the garden, you enter another world. It is a classical Chinese Garden, the first of its kind outside of China.

This garden takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the city and into the breathtaking gardens. You enter a world of knowledge by the staff as you explore the beautiful gardens. A chance to switch off and let your heart and mind relax and renew your energy.

With its asymmetrical arrangement of rocks and plants, its winding paths and corridors, the garden is a little piece of heaven on earth. A place full of colour and fun but also offering you moments of peace and tranquility. You can just wander around the garden yourself (entry is $14.00) or if you have time you can get a guided tour of this beautiful spot full of history and learn about significance of the elements in the garden.  It truly was one of the most beautiful parts of our trip and we would highly recommend it.


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