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Day 20 – Boston to Chicago

Blogger: Stephanie Lynch

Today began with an early start to the windy city of Chicago. We left Cape Cod at 5am to drive to Boston to catch our flight to Chicago. After a little nap on the flight, we arrived in Chicago and got a train into the city. (QT TIP: This is actually the best way to get into the city from the airport as there can be a lot of traffic. The train station is linked to the airport and you are on your way to the city in no time at all. Only about $5 return). It was great as we actually gained an hour with time difference so we had another hour of brightness to explore Chicago city.

We went straight to our hotel ‘Sheaton Hotel’… what an amazing hotel right on the river. The views out the bedroom window were just amazing. I felt like I had to pitch myself to see was I dreaming!! We then walked outside to go explore Chicago and make the most of the afternoon. First we stopped in a place for a bite to eat before a busy afternoon of exploring. We saw many local people going into this pizza place called ‘Blaze’ so we decided to check it out and we were delighted we did. You can make your own pizza and then it’s cooked in the fire oven. Honestly, this could have been the nicest pizza I ever had!! YUM!

Next stop was the river and canal cruise which was a perfect start to our few days in Chicago. It gave us our bearings and allowed us to see the buildings, layout and beauty of the windy city from the water. It was a great way to learn about the city and get a feel for Chicago life.

We then went back to the hotel to find a lovely baking in the room(Thank you to the wonderful staff at the Sheraton).We relaxed for a little bit and went for a swim before heading back out to explore in the evening.

We walked down the river to ‘The Contennial Fountain’ and went on an evening stroll around the city. We stumbled upon na Italian gem called ‘Volare Ristorante’ on 201 E.Grand Av, which was packed with people. As soon as we saw it, we knew we had found a perfect spot for dinner. A restaurant has to be good when it is packed with locals. We enjoyed beautiful, tasty pasta dishes and headed back to the hotel for a nights rest after a very busy day of travelling and exploring.

We need our rest for another day exploring the wonderful Chicago…. This city may be capturing our hearts already….

Over and Out for now from Chicago,


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