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Curragh Beach

We recently spent some time exploring the beautiful seaside town of Ardmore, Co. Waterford. What I love about this village is the fact there are hidden gems around every corner… one of those is the Curragh Beach. The Curragh Beach is located next to Ardmore beach(if you walk Ardmore beach and walk up a tiny path near the rocks and follow the country road at the top of the path to the end, you will be at the Curragh Beach).

The beach is a peaceful location with lots of activities. Honestly, it looks like such a beautiful place to go for a swim, stand up paddle boarding or even kayaking. It was a little cold when we were there(it is Ireland after all) so we didn’t have a swim(only our dog Grouse).. it’s on our bucket list to go back someday for one. Tide pools, rock fishing and beautiful sand are just some of the gems in the Curragh Beach. Our dog Grouse loved swimming in the little river that streams down towards the sea.

Note: You can also drive to the Curragh Beach by taking a left after you enter Ardmore(by the shop). Keep going along that road and it will be a turn to your right and a sharp left again.

A beautiful soft, sandy beach… what more could you want?

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