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Ambledown Cottage

Blogger: Stephanie Lynch

As many of you know, I paid a visit recently to Monaghan. Once again, I am proving that around every corner in Ireland lies a unique gem waiting to be discovered. I spent some time in Glaslough village – A village full of friendly locals and unique gems around every corner. It’s not very often a place captures your heart fully and I honestly think if it does, it’s a mixture of the people and the location. Here at Glaslough Village the location and people were just wonderful!  A local told me about the wonderful Ambledown Cottage for a bite to eat so I decided to check it out.

Words cannot describe how cute this place is (that is why we couldn’t stop taking pictures of it!). It was the perfect spot for a group of friends to go enjoy an evening a good food, wine and chats. The decor… what can I say only WOW! Around every door lies a new quirky spot. It caters for all different group sizes but you can walk in with your group and have your own room for dinner… a lovely touch. Each little room was as nice as the next. Bursting with creativity and unique touches. It honestly is a picture perfect spot.

The decor will make you smile and trust me… the food will make your tummy very happy! I enjoyed a glass of wine and some nibbles – Garlic bread, a sharing platter and a delicious pizza. You can bring along your own wine to enjoy with dinner. Nothing beats pizza and wine with friends in this location… trust me!

Possibly my NUMBER ONE spot in Ireland after visiting! I will be back Ambledown Cottage.. you are now one of my favourites!

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