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Travel Gadgets I Won’t Leave Home Without!

As you know, we travel a lot! When packing for a trip, I try not to overpack because you will be dragging it around with you all day but I will admit there are a few items that I will never leave home without. The following might not seem like unique gadgets but they are items I miss if I don’t pack them! Hopefully some of these items you can add to your packing list too!


This is obviously the first thing that I pack going on a trip. As you know, we pack a lot of equipment but I would highly recommend bringing a good camera with you to capture the moments. We recently bought  the Canon EOS M6 here at OnTheQT HQ which I love. It is light for travelling and the quality is amazing on it. Great for vlogging! There are lots of good cameras out there and for travelling, the two things you need to be sure it has is that is has amazing quality and is light! When you are travelling around all day, you need something that will capture the moments but also wont weigh you down too much.


Nothing is worse then being stuck on a noisy long bus journey or plane trip. Bring some noise cancelling headphones, along with some good music and zone out from the hustle and bustle around you.


Don’t leave home without your adapters! You are going to need them on your travels to recharge everything! If you don’t have one, buy one before you get to the airport as it will be more reasonable.


This is the first thing I pack!! An extension lead!! Some hotels and hostels have limited plug sockets. You will have your phone, camera, iPad etc so by bringing an extension lead, you can charge them all off one socket!


Try to bring a waterproof phone case with you on your travels. You could be stuck somewhere in the lashing rain and with this case, you can still bring your phone for pictures even if you are exploring in the rain!!


You can be on the go all day travelling and we all use our phone so much throughout the day to look for directions, take photos and videos so be sure to bring a power bank with you so you can charge up as you go.


Be sure to pack your phone charger for your car. If you are renting a car, it’s a very handy way to charge everything up on the go.


Always bring your travel cushion with you. The plane is a great time to catch up on some sleep so bring your comfort with you and make the most of this time. You switch off from social media, close your eyes and enjoy the peace.


This might just be me but I get cold very easily, especially on planes. Pack a light blanket that can be packed into a small space in your hand luggage. You will be snug out for a nap on the plane. If you don’t want to bring a blanket, a big scarf does the trick as well!!

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