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Top Things to do in Lisbon

Blogger: Stephanie Lynch

Recently we went on a trip to Lisbon, a city known for its café culture, fade music and colourful landscape. A city you will get lost exploring the cobbled streets and a city steeped in hidden gems. The best tips we ever receive are from people who have been to the city and explored themselves… so we are going to be that person for you!! We are going to share with you some of our top tips from Lisbon…

  1. Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice – Yes our first tip may seem a little strange but it’s one of the top things I remember from our trip. Starting the day by popping into a café and getting a freshly squeeze orange juice… simply delicious!! Perfect start to the day!
  2. Lisbon City Card – As soon as you arrive, get a Lisbon city card for you transport. It works on the metro, buses and even the electric cable car. It also gives you discounts in various museums and attractions across the city. You can get a 24, 48 or 72 hour pass.
  3. São Jorge Castle – Visit São Jorge Castle (St George’s) at sunset. Be sure to get there just an hour before sunset. It gives you time to explore the castle in daylight, while also ending your day with a beautiful sunset overlooking the colourful landscape.
  4. Elevador da Gloria (Electric Tram) – A tram that started in 1885 and still climbs the cobbled hills in Lisbon. Be sure to hop on and climb the tiny steep streets in this traditional masterpiece.
  5. Explore Alfama – Sometimes it is nice to get lost and go a little off the beaten track. A picturesque neighbourhood that we fell in love with. It is the oldest district in Lisbon and one of our favourite things was to walk around the beautiful cobblestone streets exploring this traditional area of Lisbon.
  1. Get lost in a café – Lisbon is known for it’s café culture so it’s a must to wander down the cobblestone streets and get lost in a café as you watch the world go by.
  2. Get lost in the cobbled streets – Even though Lisbon is known as the hilly capital of Portugal, don’t be afraid to step away from the public transport. The public transport is very good in Lisbon but you will be surprised how close the stops are from each other… so why not walk the city and get to know the local gems as you go.
  3. Cable Car – This is a new cable car that opened up in one of the newest parts of Lisbon city. It allows you to enjoy views of the Tagus River and Vasco DeGama bridge from a height. Beautiful views from above. (The metro gets you there if you get off at the Orient stop)
  4. Shopping – You can find some amazing gems if you go off the beaten track along the cobblestone One of the biggest shopping centres I have ever come across on my travels is located at the metro stop for the Stadium of Light, so maybe plan a little extra time for some retail therapy!
  5. Estadio de Luz – For all you sporty fans! The Stadium of Light hosted the UEFA championship final in 2014 and it is a great place to visit. Why not get in a game when you are there?! Go to a futsal game – enjoy the atmosphere and get to know the locals.


Happy Travels!

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