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Travel Tips To Save You Money

We have gathered lots of travel tips from all our adventures so we decided to share them with you and help save you some money on your next adventure.

Go Off The Beaten Track

People tend to travel and stay in busy areas or the city centre. Go OnTheQT and go off the beaten track. Not only will it show you the local gems and hidden treasures but it will also save you some money. Accommodation, restaurants and even adventures are normally half the price they are in main tourist places.

Home Exchange

Yes we have tried this. We experienced home exchanges in Cape Cod in MA, USA and we also did one in Perth in Australia. What we loved about it was that you had your own space and you experienced a more local feel to the holiday. We use homeexchange.com for lots of our trips. You also get to know the locals and get local tips from the people we exchanged with. When we do it, we exchange both homes and cars. It saves a lot of money but trust us both of these experiences were the best holidays ever.

ShopTill You Drop!

If you are planning on staying in a hotel, be sure to shop around. There are lots of online websites selling hotel deals and commission for them is added to the price. Lots of these website are actually owned by the same company so lots will have similar prices. Our tip is to go to the hotel’s website itself. Lots of times, it’s actually cheaper.

Travel On A Tuesday

Everybody thinks we have to start our holidays at the weekend but traveling on a Tuesday can save you a lot. Change around your weekend break. Note: Flying out on a Tuesday rather then a Friday can cost 35% less and flying home on a Tuesday rather then a Sunday can cost 45% less. If your planning a family holiday this summer, it can save you up to €400- €500 if you travel from a Tuesday to a Tuesday. Trust us…

Swop And Change Airlines

Sometimes we automatically go to buy return flights when we purchase our flights with an airline. Sometimes it’s actually cheaper to fly out with one airline and back with another. Do you research – it could be worth your while.

Follow Airlines On Twitter

Airlines have lots of flash sales so be sure to follow them on twitter and you never know, you could get a great deal on one of their flash sales. Be spontaneous and adventurous.

Book At Least 3 Months Ahead Of Time

Prices are always cheaper the earlier you book. They tend to go up in price 2-3 months before departure. The early bird catches the worm!!

Try Not To Change Your Money At The Airport

You will be charged way more by getting your money at the airport or at an ATM. Get organised and pick it up in the post office before you travel as they always seem to have the best rates.


We love the Free Wifi Finder app. It finds all the wifi hot spots all over the world so you can then use it for skype or viber to connect home. Saving you money. Also gives you a chance to upload photos of your adventures to show all your friends at home.

Travel Insurance

If you take more then two holidays a year, multitrip policy is cheaper. Be sure to shop around for this as you can cut the cost by just doing a little research. Also be sure to have a European Health insurance card(it’s not the same as health insurance).

Lots of travel tips for you all and we hope it saves you some money which you can put towards your next adventure…

Happy Travels from all the QT crew.

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