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My Favourite Spot in Ireland

As you all know, my favourite place in the world is Ardmore in Co. Waterford. I decided to share my favourite things to do in Ardmore with you all. The sun was shining this weekend so I grabbed my camera and went out to my favourite spots around Ardmore to take scenic photographs. I also recently got lots of new outdoor gear from Regatta Ireland so I decided to make a little video of my favourite place in the world, while also showing you some of my cool new pieces from Regatta Ireland. I am not a fashion blogger in any means but I love when clothes just fit into my adventures and are comfortable for exploring and for me, Regatta ticks all the boxes. I decided to show you the clothes but in an ‘OnTheQT’ style… with a video! Nothing beats seeing the clothes on adventures and testing out if they are actually practical for hiking, walking and even running. 

Some of my favourite scenic shots of Ardmore: 

I said I would show you the clothes in action on our adventures in Ardmore last weekend and you have seen them in the video above but below are a few shots(courtesy of my sister) of the clothing items if you would like a closer look. 

  • I love Regatta Fleeces coming into the Autumn and Winter months. They are great for keeping warm and layering up on adventures. I love this black one (Clearance II Full Zip Fleece (Black Light Steel) as it is plain and simple and goes with everything. It is so comfortable and I have been wearing it non stop in Ardmore the past week. It is also reduced to €12.
  • Lastly is the Regatta gear for working out. I recently trained and I am so proud to say completed the Cork City Half Marathon. During my training, I grew to love training in shorts as it kept me cool on the long runs. I actually bought a pair of shorts (Women’s Tokyo Sport Shorts(Black/Hot Pink)) on the Regatta Ireland website during my training and loved them. I have also grown to love their light weight t-shirts for training in. This one is the Women’s Fingal III Quick Dry T-Shirt (Fiery Coral Ombre) and just €7.50 at the moment online.

My Favourite Things To Do In Ardmore

  • Ardmore Cliff Walk
  • Walk Ardmore beach, Curagh Beach and Ballyquin Beach – The three beaches in a row
  • Visit Goat’s Island
  • Go Surfing in Whiting Bay
  • Have a meal in the Whitehorse Restaurant(and order the Banoffee Pie!!)
  • Walk the high roads
  • Visit ‘The Anchor’ Shop
  • Admire the beauty in the Ardmore Pottery Shop
  • Go for a drink or Coffee in the 5 star Cliff House Hotel
  • Enjoy a sunrise walk on the beach
  • Have a 99 in the shop near the beach
  • Go out kayaking or paddle boarding with Ardmore Adventures.

Links to Clothes:
Women’s Tokyo Sport Shorts(Black/Hot Pink)

Women’s Marine Sport Lightweight Shoes(Neon Peach Black Cherry)

Clearance II Full Zip Fleece (Black Light Steel)

Modesta Hooded Coolweave Cotton Top (Neon Peach)

Women’s Fingal III Quick Dry T-Shirt (Fiery Coral Ombre)

Jeans are PocoBy Pippa 

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