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10 Items You Should Never Forget To Pack

We all know that feeling when you forget one of those key items on your trip. Whether you’re planning a backpacking trip, a two week holiday or a weekend away, there are always key essentials that should be in your bag!! I know in reality all you need is your passport and your money and the rest can be replaced but here are a few things you might want to put on your packing list. Make a list and you won’t forget anything! 

  • The Essentials: This might seem very obvious but you won’t be getting on that plane without them! Money, a drivers licence, travel insurance and a VALID passport (be sure to check the expiry date of your passport a few months before your trip… nothing is worse then getting to the airport to realise your passport is out of date).
  • Be sure to pack all your valuables in your hand luggage: Why take the risk? Your camera, laptop, phone and all the expensive travel items should be in your hand luggage. If for some reason your bag goes missing, at least you won’t have to worry about your valuables.
  • Rain Coats: There have been so many times we got caught in the rain on a trip. It’s not fun! You may laugh but you won’t be laughing when you get stuck in a coffee shop because of a rain for hours on your trip. Bring a rain jacket just in case you get caught out and nothing will stop you from exploring with it.
  • Adapters: Plan ahead and pack your adapters. There is no point in spending a fortune at the airport on them.
  • Hand Luggage: Pack a few items to keep you going for a day or two in your hand luggage – underwear, pjs, change of clothes, medicaton, toothbrush and even a swim suit if your going somewhere hot. At least you will have some items to keep you going if your main suitcase goes missing. Nothing will ruin your holiday!
  • Medications: Try to be prepared and organise to collect any medications a few days before. Be sure to pack them in your hand luggage. This is one of the most important items to pack.
  • Chargers: We all live in a world where our chargers are our lifelines! Guilty!! You might be double checking for your camera, phone etc but what happens when they go dead? Be sure to pack all your changers. If you are like us and use our phone constantly… maybe consider investing in one of those portable chargers for on the go.
  • Extension Leads: Don’t laugh… you will thank us! Now this comes from a girl who has two or three cameras to charge, two or three phones to charge, along with microphones etc after a day of filming. Sometimes hotel rooms don’t have many plugs so be sure to pack an extension lead and you can charge more things at once!!
  • MakeUp: This is one for the ladies. Sorry guys! There is nothing worse then leaving your makeup bag on your table at home. Put it on the list so you don’t forget it!! We would be lost without it… right girls!?!
  • The Tea Bags: I had to put in the last essential item… I don’t leave home without my Barry’s Tea Bags! A little bit of home with you while you travel!


Happy Travels


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