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Woods Hole and Pie in the Sky

Blogger: Orna Lynch

Right at the bottom of the peninsula of Cape Cod lies Woods Hole, a small seaside town which houses some of the most prestigious oceanographic institutions in the world. Woods Hole is also the ferry gateway to Martha’s Vineyard, a popular summer destination for the East Coast’s rich and famous. Far from simply being a pass-through for those getting the Ferry over to the Vineyard, Woods Hole offers a huge dose of Cape Cod charm, great restaurants, and lots of people-watching opportunities. The constant stream of boats and ferries going in and out of the harbor provide for an interesting change of scenery as you mosey around Main Street, and due to the large number of academics working at the research facilities in Woods Hole, the streets and restaurants are fairly busy year round- a rarity for the Cape!

On one cool and sunny May day, we made the trip down to Woods Hole for a bit of a wander and some breakfast at Pie in the Sky. They recently just reopened after renovating the entire restaurant- adding a new kitchen with special French steam oven to bake their bread to perfection. They open at 5 AM every day and roast all their own coffee, bake all their baked goods, and prepare all their sandwiches – all on premises! A special novelty they offer is aerated iced coffee on tap, in a little “bar” outside for those in a rush onto the ferry or into work. My dad and I both ordered iced caramel lattes- and agree they were one of the nicest we’d ever had (& as latte enthusiasts that’s a bold statement)! My dad got a homemade cheese danish, which was huge for the price and so fresh and delicious. I got the best breakfast sandwich I had ever tasted, crispy bacon, scrambled egg, and melted cheese on a freshly baked croissant. We sat outside on the patio, surrounded by other happy Saturday brunch-ers. The place was very busy and the options for coffee, breads, and pastries were endless.

After a leisurely meal, we wandered around Main Street, marveling at the sailboats on the pond and the bustling WHOI (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute) research buildings.

Another major attraction in the Woods Hole area is Nobska lighthouse. This tiny, quaint lighthouse on a hill looks out over the ocean, providing amazing views of the Vineyard and the boats zooming by. On a bright day nothing can beat the “on top of the world” feeling as you stand underneath the tower and look out over the expanse of blue.

For any visitor to the Cape, or even a local in search of a day trip, Woods Hole is a hidden gem sure to please anyone with it’s charm, and Pie in the Sky is the perfect spot for a pick-me-up and a sweet treat anytime of day.

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