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Essential Items for your holiday case!

Are you heading off on holidays and haven’t decided what to pack yet?! Well we’re here to help you out! After multiple trips around the world, packing hundreds of bags, we are only too delighted to share our top picks for your suitcase with you!

Suncream: In the middle of all the excitement about jetting off… don’t forget to pack sun cream! Although you may think you can pick it up on the other side, sun cream is often a lot more expensive in sunny holiday destinations than here in Ireland! It’s always a good idea to pick up some after sun also! Here at OnTheQT we particularly like Aloe Vera gels which are simply wonderful to rub all over your skin after a day out exploring in the hot sunshine.. even more so if you’ve stored them in the refrigerator all day! #amazing

Pashmina: A pretty pashmina is most certainly a must have for your holiday suitcase! Not only can you wrap it around you if the temperature drops a little at night time… they also double up as a little blanket at the beach or pool side! 

Driving Licence: If like us you like to venture off exploring on your holidays then don’t forget to bring your driving licence. Whether you’re thinking of renting a car, a motorbike, a scooter or even a quad bike, a driving licence is often essential at the booking office! So if you have one… don’t forget to bring it along!

A good book: Holidays are all about switching off and relaxing. Even as travel bloggers, here at OnTheQT we love to disconnect from the real world, switch off our phones and get stuck into a good book by the pool!

Travel Adapters: There is simply nothing worse than arriving to a new country and realising you can’t use any of your chargers/electrical items! Be sure to pack a travel adapter before you leave! Here at OnTheQT we particularly love the worldwide adapters that you can adjust to use in any country you wish to – very useful if you’re visiting more than pne country on your trip!

Hope this helps! Remember you don’t ever need to pack too much going on holidays… best to leave room so you can bring home souvenirs and local produce! Have an amazing trip!

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