On The QT


Blogger: Fiona

One of the most beautiful stops on my trip around New Zealand was at Wanaka. Nestled between Lake Wanaka and Lake Haewa the town is picture perfect. The main rival to the adventure capital Queenstown, the difference here are the family run businesses. The locals here want to help you out. So what better way to check out the sights, than from the air? Why not learn to fly! What an incredible experience! Taking the controls provided the most amazing sense of freedom. One flight just wasn’t enough. After two flights I almost want a new career!

Whilst Wanaka has hundreds of scenic hikes, the cinema provides a real OnTheQT experience. With a cinema filled with old couches and old cars it’s an amazing cross between a drive in cinema and your own living room. Where else has an interval just to provide hot homemade cookies! Check it out!!

If you prefer a more laid back town with every kind of adventure and outdoor activity available then Wanaka is your spot.


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