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Crystal Cove, State Park, CA

Blogger: Lauren Lucy Crowley

Well known for its abundance of outdoor activities, there are so many fabulous spots for hiking in Southern California… but my favourite one has got to be Crystal Cove State Park in Laguna Beach. Whether you want to go for a leisurely evening stroll, get in a real strenuous work out, or even take your bike and cruise over the mountain peaks, the park will be sure to please all visitors.

The park offers over 17 miles of hiking trails, clearly marked and colour coordinated into different routes. (There are maps repeated on sign posts several times throughout the park, so don’t worry you won’t get lost!) 🙂

The lower trails are a little more secluded, along which you will find yourself surrounded by woodlands, all sorts of unusual forestry, and colourful trees.

On the other hand, the upper more spacious and hilly trails unveil beautiful mountainous backdrops, and a truly magnificent view from the top of the sparkling blue Pacific Ocean. I promise the view at the top is worth the effort… and more of getting there!

Whether you decide to explore the upper or lower trails, you are guaranteed to find ample evidence of native plants and animals. Crystal cove is home to deer, bob cats, skunks, lizards, snakes and many more animals… so who knows who you’ll meet on your adventure! The park is actually located just off a busy freeway, but with birds singing all around you, and squirrels running along the path right in front you, there is without a doubt a sense of escaping from civilization into the beautiful solitude of mother nature!

When I visit the park I usually complete the upper blue route, which takes about 2 hours to do…. I then treat myself to lunch in one of the many delicious cafes in the nearby Laguna Beach…if you find yourself in SoCal looking for something to do for the day, I recommend you do the exact same!

QT Tips:

  • Parking for the day at the state park costs $15, however there is free street parking available at the trail head where Ridge park Rd, meets E Coastal Peak road.
  • Unfortunately dogs are not allowed at the park, due to the unintentional harmful effects they may have on local wildlife.
  • If you’re really up for an adventure bring a tent to camp out under the stars. There are three campsites within the park!
  • Be sure to bring your camera… and lots of water!

Enjoy your adventure 🙂

Blogger: Lauren Lucy Crowley
Lauren is a born and bred Cork girl currently exploring and living in Southern California. She loves all things food, hiking, outdoor markets/ thrift stores and anything to do with animals. Keep an eye out here for her blog posts featuring some of her favourite gems throughout Southern California, and her upcoming trip around the world including Hawaii, Africa, Vietnam and Thailand.
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