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Tropical House at Fota Wildlife Park

Blogger: Stephanie Lynch

OnTheQT paid a visit to one of our QT spots recently and we saw some amazing new features. We visited Fota Wildlife Park(QT Video) and discovered their amazing new tropical house.  As you enter the tropical house you are met with tropical temperatures and humid air. It almost makes you feel like you enter a rainforest. Leaving the Irish weather to 26° Celsius.

The Tropical House is home to 3 reptile, 9 amphibian, 28 fish and 14 butterfly species. Throughout the tropical house, you will learn all about the animals as move throughout the experience.

One of our favourite animals were the tropical butterflies who fly freely around the tropical house. We also couldn’t help but admire the snakes – one of which is a 2m long boa. We also spotted ‘Nemo’ swimming along enjoying his new home in the Tropical House!!

We couldn’t leave Fota without meeting the new baby giraffes. A great way to end a great day at Fota Wildlife Park

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