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Big Blue Scuba Diving

Blogger: Stephanie Lynch

As you all know, we spent a few weeks this summer exploring the islands of Croatia. One of the islands we spent some time on was the island of Brac. We stayed in Bol which is a water sports heaven for anybody who loves to be on the water. What can we say, we fitted in well there. One afternoon we decided to try scuba diving for the first time with Big Blue Diving in Bol. (TIP: The one thing we found out before we went looking for a place to try scuba diving was to look for the PADI sign so wherever you go, be sure they are PADI qualified and Big Blue Diving in Bol are). What better place to try scuba diving then in the Adriatic Sea.

We did the very first beginner course – Discover Scuba. This was a 2 hour session which included a little bit of theory and lots of practical training. We paid 380kn per person which is about €50. The instructors at Big Blue Diving were very experienced and they brought a great atmosphere to the whole experience. 

The dive started at Borak beach and the actual dive lasted about an hour. After learning the theory, we got used to the equipment before taking to the dive. There were three of us diving with the instructor so off we went exploring underwater.  The instructor was with us everystep of the way and once we went down, we didn’t come back up until we were back to the pier again. For all I knew, I was down deep in the water as you had the feeling of being deep down with the magical experience all around you.  Although the dive wasn’t a big depth, the rocks and shore allowed us to see the magic under the water.

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