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Trekking along in Killarney…

Last weekend, we decided to go on a little road trip to Killarney. With it being a beautiful spring day, we decided to make the most of it and headed off for a day of adventure. With no plans, no itinerary – just us, the open road and adventure awaiting us. We arrived in Killarney and drove out the muckross road, admiring the views as we went along of the beautiful scenery and lakes. We past Torc waterfall, Muckross house and the beautiful lakes before we stumbled upon something very special.

We were trying to decide what adventure we would get up to – whether we would go kayaking, rent bikes, go hiking and then we stumbled upon Dan who brings people horse trekking through Killarney National Park. Now this seemed like the perfect adventure. Something different. We met two lovely Americans who were on holidays and looking to go on the trek also. So we saddled up and off we went on a trek with our two new American friends through Muckross Park.

What we loved about the trek was you got to see a different part of Killarney National Park., not the typical side of the park where all the tourist go. We were in forestry and nobody to be seen all around us. Just the clip, clop of our horse’s feet and a few deer looking at us as we trotted past. Dan does many treks throughout the day depending on what you are looking for. He does 1 hour treks, 1 1/2 hour treks and even 2-3 hour treks. The longer you go, the higher you go up the mountain and the better the view you get of the national park. He caters the trek to suit you and your level of horse riding. We went on a 1 hour trek(we aren’t very good at horse riding so thought this would be best for us) and we found it was a perfect time frame. Not too long and not too short. We saw beautiful views and we went high enough up the mountain. We were very happy.

We had a great trek and really enjoyed exploring Killarney National Park in a new way. It was something completely different to anything we had done in Killarney before. It is true, sometimes it’s the gems you stumble upon that leave you with the feeling of a great adventure.

We had some sore bums after the trek so we decided to stretch the legs around Muckross house and gardens. The evening sun and the beautiful gardens made for the perfect evening stroll. We got a cuppa and a brownie in the beautiful café in Muckross and sat out on the chairs outside admiring the beauty all around us. A prefect end to a perfect day.

Information: Bookings with Dan on 0870576703

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