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Torr Head

Blogger: Stephanie Lynch

Recently while exploring Antrim, we decided to take the coast road(Causeway Coastal Route) near Ballycastle. Along the rugged coast, we stumbled upon sign posts for Torr Head so we decided to check it out. We made our way down the windy, off the beaten track road with spectacular views all around.  We came to the start of the walk/climb. Off we went climbing to the top. This walk/hike will take 15-20 minutes but is most definitely worth it for the views all around. From the top you can easily see Scotland which is only 16 miles away.

History: An important headland in the 1800s for recording the passage of transatlantic ships, relaying the information back to Lloyds of London. (Note: Torr Head is also an example of metamorphosed limestone and volcanic rock sequences in Ireland and Scotland).

Once we reached the top, we enjoyed the views all around. Spectacular. One of the best viewing spots we have stumbled across and it’s a hidden gem with very few people exploring it. It just takes your breath away.

Sometimes you have to go a little off the beaten track to stumble upon gems like this one. Next time your up in Antirm, be sure to put it on your adventure list… it is well worth the climb.

Life is a climb but the view is great.  

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