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Taupo, New Zealand

Blogger: Fiona 

Taupo sits on the edge of the postcard perfect Lake Taupo. The home of adrenaline pumping activities on New Zealand’s North Island, it’s a necessary stop for the more adventurous traveller. Whilst Taupo may not be home to the highest or most dramatic skydives or bungee jumps, they’re certainly the cheapest.

So on the quest for an adrenaline filled day I headed to Taupo, not just for a skydive but also a bungee and a swing. I had never tried anything like it before but I guess go hard or go home! I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about each activity. Would I be nervous or terrified? Only time would tell. Having worked on zip lines I had full trust in the harnesses and equipment but not feeling overly brave I reckoned I’d start with the swing and work my way up to the skydive!

Dangling on the side of the platform I did question my motivation but as I turned and waved apprehensively at the camera I was dropped into a free fall swing. Swinging towards the cliff face I just couldn’t help but smile. A swing in the playground would never be the same again!!

No time to catch my breath though, next up was New Zealand’s highest water touch bungee. I knew looking down would be a mistake; I didn’t want to freak myself out! So once all harnessed, the only thing for it was a quick walk to the platform edge and a jump. The sensation of my stomach dropping is a feeling I won’t quickly forget. I can totally see why people continue to search for a higher and higher jump. But for a first jump Taupo is fantastic.

The highlight of the day however was a skydive. As a nervous flier, I can honestly say I was more nervous about the tiny plane than jumping out of it. The views of Lake Taupo were beautiful as we climbed in the plane, but were nothing compared to the view free falling. Incredible was the only word. I thought it would be terrifying but rather than dropping, it was a floating sensation. Drifting between the mountains and the lake it was truly stunning. I would repeat it in a heartbeat. Don’t be scared and give it a go. You won’t be disappointed!!

An adrenaline filled day in Taupo truly surpassed expectations. Be sure to check out combination offers to get the best deal when booking! An adrenaline filled day in Taupo; a real value for money experience!

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