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Scone Palace, Scotland

Blogger: Stephanie Lynch

While in Scotland recently, we went off the beaten track and we stumbled upon one spot which took our fancy. A qt spot was found at Scone Palace in Perth, Perthshire. We decided to enter and check it out and we were delighted we did. The picturesque views, historic palace, vibrant grounds and wooded area was just breath taking.

We learned a little bit of history throughout our visit. Trust us, you cannot help but take in the history that surrounds you on your visit.

  • Scone Palace was the crowning place of Scottish kings where Macbeth, Robert the Bruce and Charles II were once crowned.
  • It is the family home of the Earls of Mansfield and the ancient crowning place of Scottish kings on the stone of Scone.
  • You can wander down the Long Galley where King Charles II strode to his coronation in 1651. During the Jacobite rebellions, the ‘Old Pretender’ spent three weeks at Scone while his son, Bonnie Prince Charlie, visited in 1745.

What we noticed is that Scone Palace is both a spot filled with history, while also being surrounded by beauty. Scone Palace is located all around beautiful gardens, woodlands and picturesque views. It is the perfect place for a walk, to bring the kids with their bikes or even in the summer we think it would be the perfect place for a family picnic.

We stumbled upon some ever so curious peacocks and spent some time admiring their surroundings. A playground full of adventure lies on the grounds with a unique tartan maze of 2000 beech trees, which is in the shape of the heraldic Murray Star.

After we discovered the gem and grounds, we decided to warm up with a cup of tea in the food shop which is located in the Old Servants Hall and the old kitchen of the palace. The choice of cakes, sandwiches and much more was just what is needed after a nice walk on a January afternoon.

 Go back in history and explore the gems on our doorstep. Step back in time and discover Scone Palace. We can honestly say, if it is this beautiful in the middle of the winter, we can only imagine how beautiful it is in the heart of the summer.

Winter Hours: FREE admission to the Ground, Food Shop, Coffee Shop, Adventure Playground and Maze each Friday, Saturday & Sunday from November - March.  (10.00-16.00)
Ticket information for the summer seasons can be found here
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