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Stephen Pearce Pottery

Blogger: Stephanie Lynch

A few weeks ago we went on a little road trip around East Cork and stumbled upon Stephen Pearce’s pottery in Shanagarry. It brought back many happy memories of our Sunday drives as a family in East Cork. We always stopped off at Stephen Pearce’s pottery and spent time admiring the beautiful work. Their skilled, friendly potters use the natural clay and the fresh water together in order to create each unique piece of Stephen Pearce Pottery.

Since throwing his first pot at the age of ten, Stephen Pearce has become a leading figure in Irish design and pottery. His high energy and free spirit has taken him and his pottery on adventure after adventure. His designs and pottery pieces include many styles and ranges. Crafted into cups, plates, bowls, lamps, vases and much much more. Each piece handmade to perfection. Each piece as beautiful as the next.

We always stopped off at Stephen Pearce’s pottery and the first thing I went to look for as a child was the birds in the shop. Not much has changed as first thing I did this time was to check if they still kept the birds. To my delight they did, two love birds. It’s amazing how things stick in your mind. Memories are made with the simple touches and these simple touches created very happy memories for us as a family.

We ended our day watching the beautiful sunset at Garryvoe beach. It was very quiet and peaceful as we watched the sun set on our day full of adventure. A perfect day of fun and adventures in East Cork.




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