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Sausalito, California

Blogger: Stephanie Lynch

We took a visit to the world-renowned waterfront community of Sausalito, California during our recent road trip in the USA. Sausalito is just over the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco. The charming bay side town is home to a friendly, electric group of people that are passionate about the area in which they live. Views from there across the bay toward San Francisco are picture perfect… almost like a dream.

What I loved about this town… it was like an seaside escape for people out of  the city of San Francisco. You can drive over the Golden Gate Bridge or even catch a ferry over to the bay side town(You can get the Golden Gate Ferry from the San Francisco Ferry Building or Blue and Gold Fleet from near Pier 39). It is a very popular spot for bikes… you can bike over the golden gate bridge and head back on a ferry from Sausalito. Sausalito is best visited as a day trip or side trip from San Francisco. It is a small town which I loved as it meant you can explore it by foot. A town full of quirky stores, restaurants, cafés and art studios.


We were lucky to have a wonderful local showing us around… my grandaunt. We firstly stopped off to visit my grandaunt in Nicasio. Now this is a women who is well travelled, full of stories, full of life and adventure. We got the local tour from her of her hometown and Lucas Valley Road (This is where George Lucas(starwars) built his Skywalker Ranch… a movie ranch and workplace). We then went to the Golden Gate Bridge before enjoying the evening in Sausalito… one of her favourite gems.

We went for dinner in one of my grandaunts local recommendations ‘ The Spinnaker’, a place on the waterfront full of fresh seafood and panoramic views. The location is simply perfect… situated overlooking the harbour. Such a outstanding meal and it is a must in Sausalito. The best time to go for your meal is shortly before sunset so you can watch the lights come up in San Francisco during your meal.

After a very busy day, we drove over the Golden Gate Bridge to enter the world of San Francisco city. 

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