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Road Trip to Mount Teide!!!

Recently, OnTheQT was lucky enough to pay a little visit to Tenerife for a few days! Now, we could have just lay by the pool and soaked up the sun but what good would we be if we didn’t find some QT adventures throughout our trip. We went a little outside the typical tourist spots. Being OnTheQT, it wouldnt be right if we didn’t  go off the beaten track and explore! We stayed in Puerto Santiago which is a lovely quaint fishing village with friendly locals, lovely walks and great adventures. So one day, we woke up and decided to go on a road trip! But where to?! We saw signs for this national park and volcano so we said we would go check it out! This was such a great decision as we had amazing trip! As we drove, the journey led us through the mountains, round sharp bends, through villages, all while passing the edge of cliffs. It was definitely the best road trip we have ever taken! As you get higher and higher, you begin to feel like you are on top of the world looking down on the clouds. (Little QT tip: While in Tenerife, you could do lots of tours and be stuck on a  bus but if you rent a car for the week then you will actually save money if you plan on doing a little bit of traveling! Plus, nothing beats the freedom of the car and the whole island at your finger tips to discover). Look below at the road we traveled on below! It was the most unique road trip(we even had to take turns driving as it was such an unbelievable road to drive and experience!) What a feeling!!


When we reached the top, we decided to get a cable car in order to go up even further! (Little QT tip: If you are afraid of heights, don’t worry! The cable car is not frightening as it is not more than about 100 feet off the ground at a time). As you get higher and higher, the views are just breath taking. When you reach the top, you can see for miles through valleys, coast, fields and mountains. (Little QT tip: In order for you to get to the summit and crater, you need to book a few days before the trip in order to get a permit as only a certain amount of people can visit it a day). We walked through a path created on the lower slopes of the summit which showcased fantastic views(Little QT Tip: For kids(our little QT’s) this walk is definitely enough for them and realistically you still get the same breath taking view). We took a short little clip(shown at the top of this post) from up there just so you can witness the view around us on one of the walking paths. Words could not decribe how beautiful the scenery was, you just have to see it to believe it!


Being on holidays is all about trying new things, having freedom to explore and that is exactly what OnTheQT did. We went on a fun road trip, discovered this amazing gems and had the freedom to do so at our own time and not with every other tourist on the island. Lots more QT posts on off the beaten track Tenerife coming soon…

Be adventurous on your holidays….go discover and try something new!


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