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Exploring like a local in Tenerife!

Sometimes you just have to see what the locals are up to in order to really get to know an area. You can read every tourist book, explore the internet and do as much research as possible but it isn’t until you arrive in a place and take that unknown walk that you really discover the local treasures. You meet the locals, find out about their gems and fall in love with their country the way they do.

As we mentioned recently, OnTheQT spent a few days in Tenerife and we went a little off the beaten track. We were staying in Puerto de Santiago which is away from the typical tourist spots. We decided to take a day off and relax by the pool. This lasted until about 11.15am and by then we started to get a little bored. So, off we went on a midday stroll. We did lots of research on the location and activities but this day was the day that we discovered the local spots and the way in which the local people spend their afternoons. On our midday stroll, we walked up along a little fishing cove, along the edge of the sea and followed the path right around the coastline. We stopped along the way at a local bistro on the water front. As we enjoyed a lovely lunch, we spotted a little cove inlet below us. We got chatting to the waiters about this unique cove and we just couldn’t help but explore it. On days off, the locals climb down the steps to what looks like rock pools below. As you stroll down the steps, an amazing inlet filled with locals snorkeling met our eyes. What a fantastic view. Crystal clear water, friendly locals and spectacular views made it one of the best parts of the trip.  (QT TIP: You can buy the snorkel set in any little tourist shop but these are not just for kids. Why not take them out and explore the amazing sea world on your fingertips).

It just goes to show that sometimes even we get caught up in research of a location but it is not until you get a taste of the local gems that you release that THIS is what OnTheQT is all about. The things we stumble upon and let you know about. It surely is somewhere we fell in love with and we know it is somewhere we will fall in love with it again and again.

What is your favourite location that you stumbled upon? Or maybe you want to keep it OnTheQT…

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  1. Great read! It’s true, it’s always the things you stumble upon that you remember from your holiday!

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