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Reformer Pilates with Elite Pilates

As many of you know, I decided to start reformer Pilates for 2017. I love trying something new and always believe that being as active as you can is great for the body and especially the mind. Many of you know I already do bootcamp twice a week and mat pilates but for 2017 I wanted to take up something new to challenge myself even more. 

So I decided to do reformer Pilates with Elite Pilates. I started in January and did their introduction course for 6 week. There was a wide range of classes to choose from in 3 locations around Cork – The Kingsley Hotel, Douglas and Donnybrook. (There is now a new studio also just opened up in Carrigtowhill so you have even more choice).

Reformer Pilates is Pilates on a reformer machine. The reformer is a spring based piece of equipment that provides both resistance and support. I had heard a lot about the reformer pilates and I was really excited to see how it all worked.  The resistance can be changed for each person depending on your ability and the exercise. I loved this as it meant no matter what your ability, you can move at your own pace.

What I loved is that the machines were set up to suit me and my strength. With each class, I began to feel more confident and built up my strength and flexibility. The reformer pilates is about the strengthening and stretching of all your muscles, all while keeping your core engaged and controlling your breathing. With each class you see an improvement in your flexibility as well as building strength and toning.

Firstly, I did an introductory class which allowed me to get a feel for the machine and my strength. The introduction focus on core engagement, breathing and alignment. It was the perfect start. From there I progressed to Level 1 and I did two classes a week for 6 weeks. The two classes a week allowed me to progress faster as you remember the movements easier from one class to the next. For me, the morning classes in the Kingsley Hotel suited my scheduled. I enjoyed starting my day with a class and felt energised for the day ahead after it. The classes are very rewarding and the instructors are extremely encouraging and helpful. My instructor for the morning classes I took was Lee. He remembered my progress and built on it with each class. The classes are small which means the teacher can really concentrate on each person, making sure you’re using the correct technique and getting the most out of each class. Every time I do a class, I feel myself getting stronger and progressing bit by bit.

For more information about the reformer pilates, check out Elite Pilates’s website here. They also do Mat Pilates and ELITEBarre so be sure to check it out. 


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