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Pancake Heaven!

How do you like your pancakes? Savoury? Sweet? Are you a ham, chorizo and chicken customer… or a nutella, strawberries and flaked almonds type? Well don’t worry… because at the AMAZING pancake stall in La Boqueira food market you can be both! Whilst walking through the market filming, the small wooden stall caught my eye… my appetite was very thankful we stopped!



The stall was run by a very friendly man, who had his son helping him for the day! We watched in fascination as he served the customers before us… as soon as the batter was made up, he poured it onto the hot hob… with his spatula he created the perfect pancake shape! He flipped it like a pro as soon as it began to turn a golden brown colour on one side… when the other side was done he added in the toppings, wrapped it up so they were safe and sound inside… and then popped it into a cute little container! He did this so fast, it genuinely seemed as though he had about 6 hands!

Although I thought the customers before me would inspire me as to what I wanted on my pancake… there was too many delicious toppings to choose from, and so I ordered a classic nutella and strawberry pancake with flaked hazelnuts on top! The shop keeper took a shine to our funny Irish accents and loved our curiosity about his pancake making skills… so much so he decided to teach us how to make them! We were over the moon!

We had such fun helping him make our pancakes…. that they seemed to taste extra nice! My delicious pancake was served hot into my hand, with so much nutella drizzled over it I could barely even see the pancake itself! It was so nice to meet someone so helpful, cheerful and so talented at making pancakes! What an excellent new friend to have!

If you find yourself in La Boqueira market soon, you should definitely take the time to find this pancake stall for your desert, be sure to tell the OntheQT crew say hello! x



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