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News: Renew Your Irish Passport Online

There was some good news this week when the new Passport Application Service was launched online. You can new renew your passport online with a quick and easy system. You can say goodbye to the long queues and the old process if you are renewing your passport and apply for your renewed passport within minutes online. This update allows Irish citizens at home and abroad to renew their passports on the DFA website. The process is simple and easy to use… so make sure it’s up to date and get exploring!! There is a big world out there waiting for you to explore!! 


Prices Online According to the DFA’s website:
Passport Book Renewal (Up to 10 years) €80
Passport Card (5 years for travel within Europe): €35
Both Passport Book and Passport Card: €105


Check out all the information on the DFA website.

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