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Nauset Outer Beach, MA

Blogger: Stephanie Lynch
As you all have probably guessed, OnTheQT have spent many summer’s on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. As we lived on the Cape, we got to know the locals and in turn we got to discover the local gems, the places that only the locals know about. One of those spots was Nauset Outer Beach. Take your 4×4 jeep and have one of the best experiences of your life as you venture onto the outer beach at Nauset. The beach stretches south for 5 miles from Nauset Beach in Orleans all the way to Chatham. A group of us went out in a few jeeps for a group BBQ and a campfire and it was truly spectacular. The locals filled us in on their outer beach experiences as we got to witness one of the favourite things the locals love to do. To get there, we checked in at a shack at the end of the parking lot at Nauset Beach in Orleans and drove along a windy road. A little different from the Irish windy roads, instead of grass in the middle of the road like you find in Ireland, you had sand. The road runs down the middle of the sand dunes that stretch behind the beach. All around you could see beach grass, sand dunes, and marshland which added to the enjoyment of the drive to the beach. Then we turned right, over the top of a sand dune and we drove along Nauset beach to find our BBQ spot. We emptied the truck, got the BBQ going and set up camp. The one thing we loved about it was the fact that the beach was so big, it stretched out miles which meant your BBQ was in complete privacy. It is so big, no vehicles are parked near others and you have your own spot. (QT TIP: Overnight stays are allowed to vehicles with campers and fishing rods).
A friend of ours, Otis cooked up some clams on the BBQ. Now we had never tasted clams before but when traveling, you have to try the local cuisine. Honestly, they were delicious…we couldn’t believe it. So tasty and refreshing. The outer beach was a truly local gem and an experience we will never forget. We are truly grateful to our Cape friends for showing us their local gems.


Directions: Follow Main St. through East Orleans to Beach Road to Nauset Beach; drive to end of beach parking lot and down dirt road to check-in shack
Permits: Obtained at Nauset Beach from early May through early October; off-season they are available at the Orleans Police Station. To obtain a sticker the vehicle must have a shovel, tow rope, tire jack, jack support/board, tire gauge, appropriately sized tires, and a spare tire.
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