On The QT

Mont Juic, Barcelona

Have you ever glimpsed at the sun set and thought to yourself how beautiful it is… how it would be nice to take a moment and watch an entire sun set sometime? Well that’s exactly what OntheQT did in Barcelona!

As sun set gazer first timers…. we wanted to ensure the experience was perfect, and so we made an extra special effort to get the ideal  view, and headed to Mont Juic – which looks over the entire city!

We travelled up the mountain side by cable car which was great fun! When we arrived at the station and purchased our tickets, the cable cars were in continuous movement and so we had to hop on for ourselves, just like a ski lift! As the cable car moved along up the hill, we looked backwards…..the view was genuinely exquisite! The sun was already beginning to set and so the sky had a bright pink pigment to it… as we travelled higher and higher the city beneath us became smaller and smaller!

When we hopped out at the top, we found a comfy seat on a wall, set up all our filming equipment and sat there in silence as we watched the sun disappear. It was fascinating to think that this happens every single day, and 99% of the time I take no notice! As it grew dark, the city became illuminated with city lights… we had a panoramic view of the city we had spent the past few days discovering! It was great fun trying to pick out some of the places we had already visited on our trip!

I made a mental note to myself that night to make an effort to watch more sunsets… I highly recommend you do the same! It was a magical experience!x

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