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Doneraile Park, Cork

Recently, we decided to check out some amazing gems around Springfort Hall and we fell in love with Doneraile Park. Many people told us about Doneraile Park and how it was such a unique gem so we were very excited to check it out for ourselves. As we drove in the entrance, we saw the extraordinary beauty all around and we knew why it was a place that many people have fallen in love with and returned to again and again. Ever feel like escaping the world? Doneraile Park is the perfect spot to escape reality and get lost in nature for a while… (which is quite literally what happened to us!). The Park is approximately 166 hectares of outstanding beauty, full of mature trees, wildlife and nature. The park has lots of fun walks and trails and is a perfect place to go with family and friends to enjoy a picnic and some time together. Immersed in nature, you never know what you might find – birds, rabbits, foxes or you might even be lucky enough to spot some of the deer.

We decided to pack our bikes for the day ahead. We felt it would allow us to see more of the park during our visit. We spent the day exploring lots of trails and we even brought a picnic with us to enjoy in the amazing surroundings. The pathways lead us on new adventures throughout the park. You could spend hours upon hours exploring the area. It is a great spot for people of all abilities; whether you are out for a workout or a small walk, the pathways cater for all. It is also a great idea to bring your bikes and go on a bike ride with friends or family.

Doneraile Park is the perfect spot for all seasons. With the flowers blooming in Spring, the long days of sunshine in the Summer, the leaves changing colour in the Autumn and the feeling of the cool fresh breeze of your face in Winter. There is something to fall in love with in each season in Doneraile Park.




Doneraile house lies within the grounds and there is now a tearoom opened up for anybody who would like a treat after their day in the park. We decided to treat ourselves after our cycle. It was full of people enjoying themselves after being out in the fresh air. It is also a perfect place for a catch up over a cuppa with friends. We just couldn’t forgot the one thing that will brighten up any little kids face… The playground. Laughter fills the air as you pass the playground with all the children enjoying the facilities. A great up to date playground to keep the kids entertained. Trust us they will sleep well after a day of adventure at this gem.

We ended the day with big smiles and full of fresh air. A perfect day in a spectacular spot. Sometimes we don’t see the beauty that surrounds us each and everyday. We travel the world to see the beauty in it when sometimes it is just on our doorstep.  Life is short so be sure to take a walk in the forest and smell the fresh air.


‘Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished’ Lao Tzu

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