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Blogger: Lauren Lucy Crowley

It’s always a good idea to take a trip away for the weekend with your girlfriends right? Well that’s exactly what we did here at OntheQT a few weeks ago… we booked a flight to Melbourne and off we went to explore!

Stylish, arty Melbourne is a city that’s both dynamic and cosmopolitan, and most certainly deserving of its place as Australia’s cultural capital!  Its stunning architecture and a multicultural make-up reflect the city’s recent history, while edgy street art, top museums, top notch street markets point to its present-day personality.

If you’re looking for world class coffee, tasty treats, and delicious food all served in a quirky café… you most certainly need to get to Melbourne as soon as possible! The food and coffee is simply on another level!

I adore shopping at markets and so naturally had a fantastic time wandering through stall holders looking for trinkets and treasures! My favourite two markets were (i) The Rose St Artists’ Market (one of Melbourne’s most renowned), which is held every Saturday and Sunday in Fitzroy from 11am through to 5pm. I also loved (ii) Queen Victoria Market which serves quite a lot of food among many other interesting things, spanning over 2 blocks just off Elizabeth street there is bound to be something to please everyone!

Street art in Melbourne is like no other city…  there is plenty graffiti to be found around the city, in fact Hosier Lane is definitely the coolest street I’ve ever been on! A much celebrated landmark mainly due to its sophisticated Urban Art it is definitely worth going down for a look! Opposite the entrance to the Atrium at Federation Square on Flinders St., its very easy to find as its in such a prominent location in the city. The surrounding area is also known for upmarket cocktail bars… so why not treat yourself to something tasty after!

If you’re planning a trip to Melbourne and would like any further information or some ideas on what to do there be sure to let us know! Simply e-mail the #OntheQTcrew at: OntheQT.ie@gmail.com!

Happy travel planning! x

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