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Magical Martha’s Vineyard

OnTheQT have spent some time exploring the beautiful Cape Cod area but one of the spots which took our breath away is Martha’s Vineyard. OK, so getting there might be a bit of an effort but if you have visited this island once, you will know it is worth it. This tiny island off Cape Cod is one of two islands, Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard. While Nantucket is a little smaller and very popular sport, the Vineyard is a little bigger with lots of magical towns and captures the heart of many visitors. In our opinion, we felt the Vineyard was a little quieter, more quaint and even more charming than Nantucket. The Vineyard was almost like a fairytale with the beaches, doll ‘like’ houses and spectacular views. Almost as if both islands have two distinct personalities and this has to be witnessed to be believed.

The first thing that we noticed was the houses which almost looked like perfect antique doll houses. It was like walking through the street of a fairytale with each house being more magical and perfect as the next. A local told us that the houses date back to the early 19th century. The most spectacular houses lay in ‘Oak Bluffs’ on the island. A fairy tale land with 300 colourful houses accompanied by dainty trimmings. The names such as ‘Wooden Valentine’ drew us in. It was almost like setting foot into the book of ‘Hansel and Gretel’ as they discovered the gingerbread house, except there were gingerbread houses all around.

Oak Bluffs gives you the beach town feel, like Nantucket gives you. Oak Bluffs has a spectacular horse carousel and is an easy walk to the beach surrounded by the charming houses.

For a bit of shopping on the island, Edgartown gives you your boutique shopping, while also your harbor views. Something that we fell in love with was the bike trail along the beach, from Oak Bluffs to Edgartown. Now, a bike is a great way to see the towns on Martha’s Vineyards. Each town is as spectacular as the next with each having it’s own unique features. While on the bike trail between Oak Bluffs and Edgartown, we came across a little bridge which proved a popular spot for the kids to cool off and  plunge into the water below.

Something that we couldn’t help noticing was the Wind Riders. This might be for the more adventurous type in Edgartown. It is the extreme water sport of kiteboarding. A local told us that it isn’t uncommon for the wind to launch speeding riders three stories high. Now that is an extreme sport. ‘Skyhigh Kiteboarding’ is the Vineyard’s only kiteboarding school. We really wanted to try this but as it was only a day trip, we didn’t get a chance to so we would highly recommending staying over night on the Vineyard, experiencing the nightlife and booking a kiteboarding session before you go.

We ate in a little restaurant as we sat outside and admired the views around. We were told by locals that for a real retreat, Chilmark/Aquinnah is the place. For anybody looking to get away to relax, this sounds perfect for you. 

If you pay a visit to Cape Cod, a visit to Martha’s Vineyard to experience the quaint, magical island is a must. You have to see it to believe it.

The Vineyard Tips:

  • Leave your car behind! Taxis and buses are great on the island but we would recommend renting a bike and exploring all the towns.
  • Looking for something different, why not rent a scooter and have some fun driving.
  • If you want to visit when it is quiet then the off-season is for you, the island is quieter and far less crowded then the summer months.
  • Oysters and blue-shell crabs are caught in the local ponds so make sure to try them.
  • Menemsha clams pop up in the chowder. You can taste them in some of the take-out stands in the fishing village.
  • Chicama Vineyard produces the local wine so why not try some of the local treasures.
  • Mad Martha’s ice cream is perfect for a sweet tooth.
  • Book kitesurfing before you go, not to be disappointed. Skyhigh Kiteboarding is the Vineyard’s only kiteboarding school.
  • Bring a camera because you will want to remember the charming houses and breath taking beaches.
  • Have fun!!


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  1. Thanks for featuring our special Island! Lovely article. But please note that Chicama Vineyard has been closed for about 3 years now.

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