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Malahide Castle & Gardens

Blogger: Stephanie Lynch

Recently, OnTheQT went on an adventure just outside Dublin. We came across Malahide Gardens & Castle and we were amazed at the beauty and tranquility which lay outside the busy city. The gardens cover an area of about 22 acres. We learned that the gardens were created by Lord Milo Talbot who was a plant enthusiast and brought specimens from all over the world to create the beautiful, spectacular garden. 

With an excess of 5000 different species and such a variety of plants, it is a little piece of heaven outside the hustle and bustle of Dublin city. We arrived on a sunny day and it was lovely to see the place packed with families enjoying the gardens and also enjoying family time together. It really is the perfect spot for peace and tranquility.

 Little QT Tip: There is an amazing playground just 2 minutes away from the visitors centre which is perfect for the little ones to explore and enjoy.

As you enter the gardens, there is a lovely wooded area called the courtyard which is home to the visitors centre, Avoca and a lovely cafe. We fell in love with the beautiful treats in Avoca for travel(pictured below) – very OnTheQT we think!! The cafe is lovely to sit inside on a cold day but it is also lovely to get a coffee or hot chocolate to go and enjoy it walking around the gardens.

 A little piece of heaven

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