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Blackwater Way – Killavullen

Blogger: Stephanie Lynch

On Sunday, we went on an OnTheQT Sunday Funday. We got out in the fresh air and went for a Sunday adventure to Killavullen. Killavullen lies 30-40 minutes outside of Cork City(towards Mallow direction). A local told us about all the amazing walking trails and paths that surround Killavullen so we decided to check it out for you guys, our QT followers. What amazed us was the amount of trails we saw as we drove around the country roads of Killavullen. Killavullen village sits along the River Blackwater and we decided to do a short walk in the Glanagear Woods which is just before you enter the town of Killavullen. It is part of the Blackwater way hike. It really is a perfect walk for relaxing and escaping reality for a few hours. You come back refreshed and ready for the world again.

We walked across the bridge, over the River Blackwater and into the stony forest road. The path was marked with sign posts so you cant get too lost and there was plenty of options for routes so even if you went on this trek a few times, you could always change it up and try a new route. We climbed up and up and the higher we went, the more breathtaking the views were that surrounded us. Nothing beats a day in the fresh air, surrounded by nature, while exploring the woods and countryside. One of the highlights of our walk was when we came across a family out horse riding on the trek. It just seemed like such a unique and special way to spend their Sunday together as a family. It’s something you dont see everyday and it just looked amazing. I dont know who was enjoying it more, the people or the beautiful horses!!

QT TIP from a local we met on our walk: A very popular walk is the Killavullen loop which incorporates a short section of the Blackwater Way before ascending woodland paths and forest roads towards Corran Mountain(the 3rd highest mountain in the Nagles Mountain range). The views over the Blakwater Valeey, Ballyhoura and Nagle Mountains as you reach higher are supposed to be breathtaking. This is definitely a path we will be exploring on our next trip to Killavullen.

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