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Lynn Valley Canyon

Blogger: Stephanie Lynch

During our recent adventures in Canada, a local told us about a beautiful gem called Lynn Valley Canyon which is located just outside of the city of Vancouver. What an amazing gem. Lynn Valley Canyon  is a great location for picnics, hikes or even a refreshing swim(yes we did it!!) in the summer months in one of the many popular swimming holes. Entrance to the park is completely free for you to enjoy and explore. The best things in life are free and this is one of them. During our travels we went to many places but this is more of a local gem and one that took our breath away. What we loved was the fact that it wasn’t full of tourists and it was the perfect spot to get a real feel for the outdoor lifestyle which is seen all over Vancouver. The beauty and nature that surrounds you is just breathtaking. 

Fun Facts: 

  1. Lynn Valley Canyon has grown from 12 acres to 617 acres today and is a very popular spot for exploring the many hiking trails.
  2. Lynn Canyon Park contains second growth forest with most of the trees aged approximately 80 to 100 years old.
  3. Explore twin falls, 30 foot pool, pipe bridge and baden powell trail.
  4. Lynn Canyon Park features a suspension bridge.


We decided to set off on a small hike to explore, we made our way over the suspension bridge that sways 50 meters above the canyon. We started on our trail and it was such a fabulous experience to stumble upon the gems along the way. During our hike, we came across the twin falls, along with the 30 foot pool which was just spectacular. We ended the day with a refreshing swim in one of the swimming holes… what better way to end a hike?!

It’s always is the places that the locals tell you about that you remember and enjoy the most. Lynn Valley Canyon was definitely one of those spots. A hidden gem just outside Vancouver city. A spot with so much to do and most definitely worth a full day of exploring. 



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