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Life provides you the wind, you control the direction of the sail


“Life provides you the wind, you control the direction of the sail”


Over a thousand unspoilt islands and warm turquoise seas pushed Croatia to the top of our travel bucket list. We were delighted to spend a week sailing and filming in Croatia with SailAweigh.ie. A holiday of a lifetime and we are thrilled to share our video with you all so you can see how truly amazing it was. It was a unique opportunity for cruising the breath-taking scenery of the Croatian coast, combined with the crystal clear seas. It would satisfy even the most demanding nautical enthusiasts!

Trust us, you have never been to Croatia until you see it from the water and visit the islands by boat. Throughout the trip you work as a team, deciding where to go, what to do and what islands to visit. It’s your holiday so you can do as much or as little as you want. Whether you want to sunbath, swim, learn to sail, learn to navigate… there is something for everyone.

This trip is ideal even if you are a complete sailing novice! You don’t need any experience as you are with an extremely knowledgeable skipper on-board. You learn the skills as you sail along. Sail Aweigh caters for all abilities and you improve your sailing throughout the week, whether you are a beginner or a little more experienced. It is an extremely enjoyable experience for all the family filled with adventure, sunshine and blue seas.

Seven stops in seven days. Each day is different and you get to explore a new island every evening. Most evenings we were in port for about 5pm, which allowed us to explore new locations each night. We were free to enjoy the local amenities, historical sites and sports such as dingy sailing, swimming, water volleyball and even scuba diving in some towns.


Below is a little taste of our schedule for the week, the gems we stumbled upon and places we explored.


Night 1: Kuklijica

Kukljica is a picturesque fishing village, located on the southeast of the island of Ugljan. The spot is surrounded by pine forests on the shores of crystal clear sea. The port, which we came into was a sheltered and protected natural bay and the perfect spot for an overnight exploration. The harbour was full of fishing and pleasure boats, yachts and sailing ships. We went on a small walk and had a swim along the sandy beaches of the coasts. The pine trees on your left and the sandy coast with turquoise water on your right – what more could you want?


Night 2: Betina

Betina was most definitely a town we wouldn’t forget. The charm, old style and spectacular views made it a place to remember. Betina Marina is situated on the eastern shores of Murter, one of the biggest islands on the Dalmatian coastline. The town itself was enchanting with the cobbled streets and traditional scenery. It felt almost as if you were stepping back in time with the old town buildings, old wooden boats and even the men bowling on the streets. We had dinner in a lovely restaurant. A lot of restaurants in Croatia cook on an open fire and the taste is just amazing.


Night 3: Piskera

Our favourite sunset during our adventures in Croatia was in this spot. Piskera is a small-uninhabited island with the few houses only occupied in the summer months by fishermen. Piskera has a unique beauty which many people return to again and again.



Night 4: Sali

A small village extended between two bays that lodge the harbour and the beaches. Sali was a small village, which consisted of 2-3 pubs and restaurants, a shop and plenty of walks. A popular spot for sailing boats to pull in for the night. You were able to walk from one side of the town to the other within 10 minutes. It gave you the opportunity to explore and discover the whole town – what more could you want? As the sunset and the night fell, the colourful lights glistened and reflected against the waterfront. A perfect setting for a perfect night. 


Night 5: Soline

Island hopping in Croatia brought us to places you could only dream of, some well known and some local treasures. Soline was by far the best treasure we found on our trip. It was an island we decided to take a chance with. It turned out to be the secret gem we came across that we couldn’t stop talking about for the rest of the holiday. Soline a small island with no way to port alongside so we anchored in the secluded bay of the island. We enjoyed a lovely swim off the boat in the peace and tranquility.


Night 6: Zadar

Zadar feels like you have entered an old picturesque movie.  It is an historic old town of Roman ruins and medieval churches. It is a town you could walk for hours and admire. What I loved about this is the fact that it’s not bursting with tourists but full of locals. It allows you explore like a local.

Island hopping in Croatia is one of those experiences that you will remember forever. A once in a lifetime opportunity. For us, the sunsets in Croatia are something we will treasure forever. They just take your breath away each night and each one is more amazing as the next. We were lucky enough to see the sun setting in a variety of the most beautiful islands of Croatia.


This is an experience you will treasure forever… Take the jump and live life to the full.


“A ship is safe in harbour, but that’s not what ships are for”


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