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The Glen Resource & Sports Centre!

OnTheQT recently discovered an incredible hidden gem just outside Cork City. We discovered an adventure setting in the heart of Cork which caters for the thrill seeker while also providing activities for the less adventurous person. We were delighted to meet with the staff and get a feel for the centre and what they offer. The bubble personalities and passion shone out through the staff, the excitement sparked inside us as we saw the activities and it was clear that we were just after finding a rare gem.

The Glen Resource and Sports Centre caters for all ages, both adults and kids alike. We all love a bit of adventure and The Glen caters for all, from the extreme adventurer to the less adventurous person. Activities include; Jacobs Ladder, Crate Stack, leap of faith, Gladiator Challenge, Cable Traversing, 80 meter zipwire, archery, climbing wall, Team Building, Orienteering, zorbing and much more. Step out of your comfort zone, face fears and just have a great day in this adventure setting. Even if its raining, trust us the fun activities will make you forget all about the weather as the adrenaline keeps you going! We filmed two days up in the Glen. The first day was with the sun shining down on us and the second day was heavy rain but we can honestly say that the rain added to the effect. The adventurous, adrenaline seeking activities were enhanced by the rain falling…And we are not joking!

Our first day filming was with a bunch of school kids. We experienced their adventure(and soon found out that kids have no fear!). From zorbing to ziplining and from high ropes to the leap of faith. This is a great way to build friendships, gain trust and at the end of the day for each kid, it is the best way to have lots of fun with friends. The smiles, laughter and buzz filled the centre. Each group could do the activities with their friends, two people climbed the leap of faith together, while two went zorbing together, which in return created a strong bond between them. The is a day that the kids will be talking about(and looking forward to returning) for a long time. Kids love adventure, new experiences and this is the place to reach those ambitions dreams.  On our second day(the day with ALL the rain), we arrived at the Glen and the rain wasn’t stopping them. Out we went for a morning of team building with adventurous adults. From water games, cube(TV show) style games, high ropes and team games, it was evident that as the morning progressed that the team bond became stronger and stronger. Each member encouraged the others on, helped each other and congratulated one and other on their achievements. If we leaned anything that day it is that each person is different. For some reaching the top of the high ropes was the goal, while others reached their goal half way up. Each person reached there level and faced their fear and with that said the team supported each person’s goals and the cheers and encouragement on the course is something we will never forget. Some people are the thrill seekers, looking for as much adventure as possible, while others enjoy a small adventure as they face there fears. Everybody is different and each person hit a milestone that morning in The Glen(You should all be very proud of yourselves).

We were very sad to hear that one of our favourite QT bands, FRED are calling it a day so to thank them for all the music and enjoyment they have given us, we are delighted to have their music in this video. Enjoy our QT video of The Glen through the eyes of both groups. The fun, enjoyment and surprise can be seen in all their face expressions. This video will give you a little taste of what to expect when you visit The Glen Resource & Sports Centre. Check out this experience of a lifetime. We are going to finish up with a quote that we love and since spending time exploring the Glen Sports & Resource Centre, meeting the amazing people who work up there and also having lots of adventures…we will always think of them when we see this quote.

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