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Kayaking along the Cote Vermeille

As many of you know, I spent a few days in the beautiful South Of France recently. Collioure is a Mediterranean jewel just waiting to be discovered. Situated on the rocky coastline of the Cote Vermeille in the very south of france. One of our top things to do while in Collioure is to head out on the water! Collioure is located in an ideal location between mountains and sea and there are a range of water activities to enjoy – diving, snorkelling, kayaking etc. As many of you know, I am a real water baby so when the opportunity came to go kayaking along the Cote Vermielle… I, of course, said YES!! 

We hit the water with Kayak Mer for a beginner kayaking lesson along the Cote Vermielle. Kayak Mer runs from Banyuls-sur-Mer which is a small is a coastal coastal town about 20 minutes from Collioure. An hour a a half on the water costs just €20pp or a half day on the sea with underwater exploration costs just €30pp. It was a little piece of heaven on earth – kayaking in the sunshine with the crystal clear water glistening all around and a striking view of the Cote Vermielle ahead of you. What more could you want?! (To see for yourself – check out our video kayaking with Kayak Mer in our RedTravel episode here at 13:38 minutes into the show).

Kayak Mer is run by John who offers lots of options all summer long for kayaking trips along the Cote Vermielle. I certainly would love to go back to try the sunrise or sunset kayaking trip. If you are there be sure to send me some snaps!!

Below are a few of the kayaking trips you might like to do while in Collioure.

  1.  Initiation followed by a short outing (one hour and half) 20 € (group: 17 €)
  2. Half a day on the sea, with underwater exploration 30 € (group:27€)
  3. Sunset with a free apéritif 30 € (group: 27€)
  4. Sunrise on  kayak with break fast on wild cove 30€ (group 27 €)
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