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A January walk in the Pentland hills of Edinburgh

Blogger: Barry

Your Experience: I am working in Edinburgh, and wanted to do something a little different, while trying to burn off some of the Christmas turkey. What better way than out exploring in the Pentland Hills of Edinburgh. The Pentland Hills are located on the A702 just off the Edinburgh city bypass, just 20 minutes from both Edinburgh city centre and the airport.  They are perfect for people of all ages – For the family out for a picnic, the elderly couple out for a stroll, or those out for an active day exploring.

Pentland hills


There are signposted routes, allowing explorers to navigate easily from the car park at Flotterstone Information Centre, taking in some wonderful sites such as Glencorse Reservoir and the magnificent Pentland Hills. Of course the more experienced explorer can navigate off the main routes and onto the beaten tracks of the hills, with signposted routes of up to 18km available. A must do for those wanting a more adventurous start to the year.

Pentland hillsPentland hills



QT Tips: Be aware that daylight hours are shorter and temperatures are colder in the winter months. Make sure that you dress appropriately. Hiking boots, maps and a compass may be required for the keen explorers.
Pentland hills

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Pentland hills

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